The Politics of Terror

The US govt. and Catholic Church have a Politics of Terror Nazi organization of at 2ooK people. They are using US govt. resources at both SSA and the West Palm Beach VAMC to cover-up for pedophile Catholic priests in Boston Catholic Schools. At US Senator Warner’s Office on Capitol Hill an employee ADMITTED the fact that David Barnes (Drummerboy, Sr.Agnes at OLA in 1969) is connected with Catholic priests (BC High-Jesuits). I was intentionally diverted to this Medical Officer job at Social Security Administration in Woodlawn, Maryland…someone in the church has a vendetta against you. POTs used Barbara Brooks form Boston College-Jesuits to lie in 1979; there is no A Service, NO ABORTION. People telling your that Sr.Agnes had left OLA because she was too progressive is a cover-up. I was tortured in 2 US Catholic Hospitals in Florida in 2003, and again at Scripps Mercy Hospital in 2009 (Dr.Ludwig-Drummerboy on 6/13/09…I was 13 years old in 1969). In in 2009, I went to Canada to seek Political Asylum. Then after two months they said they were being influenced by the US govt. In 2010, I was a refugee in Holland and they said the US govt. destroyed your medical career; POTs is a conspiracy. I have been to 23 US Senate Offices, 41 US Congress Offices, and 11 FBI Offices as well as >20 US newspapers, and no one has stopped these Nazis from destroying the US Constitution…Separation of Church and State. 


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